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Wake Boarding

....or wakesurfing! Let us  see you shred the wake behind our boat!


This is the MOST exciting way youll ever snorkel! Fly underwater or on top of the water using subwings for a thrilling tour of BVI Water.

Banana Boating

Have a blast with your family and friends.. Hold ON Tight!!

SUP Boarding

A trending, very easy to learn sport. We can teach you or you can have you own adventure.

Sport Fishing

WTF!- Where's The Fish

Click HERE for more information!

Shoreline Tour to "The Baths"

This tour is a Sealingo Experience Exclusive, "you see what others won't". Paddle board or Kayak along the beautiful shore lines to the world famous BVI National Park , "The Baths!". For more details, visit the Tours page.

Night Life Reef Tour

You will be amazed by the night life of the reef! Tour on our LED lit Glassbottom Kayaks or SUP Board for incredible views of the nocturnal underwater life in the BVI.

Knee Boarding

Fun for the whole family!


Be the last one off the tube to earn the Sealingo Tube King/Queen title!


Our glass bottom kayks will give you magical oppertunity to see what going on both on top and under the woater at the same time.


Exclusive snorkel trips checking out some of the best coral heads, wrecks ,and reef around!

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